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We are coming back to canberra!

Posted by modayjo on May 27, 2019 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (19)
We are coming back to Canberra, Australia! We are not yet sure of the dates, but we are committed to Canberra. We love YWAM, Canberra!

A very small peak about the last few weeks.

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For the last few weeks, YWAM Canberra has operated on a smaller level due to it being summer and Christmas time. The kids and I have enjoyed our time and God grew our hearts through some trials.


During the last few weeks, you would find my kids and I doing some work duties around the base that consisted of caring for the floors, the front village, and the boutique. YWAMers love the boutique, it is a place to leave clean gently used clothes and shoes and a few other small things for others to be blessed by.


Our Christmas was adventurous, we had 2 offers to house sit and it was incredibly difficult to choose between the 2. Anyhow the one we did choose to take gave my kids the opportunity to make friends that are their age, and have the same type of imagination and to top it off they are Christians. One of our new friends has been incredibly ill so my kids have been praying for her and asking about her often. It blessed my heart to see them make her get well cards after finding out she has been in the hospital.


Now that the base is coming to the end of their holiday and the staff YWAMers are returning back to base my kids have had a lot of Joy saying hi to those they have missed and making welcome home signs for them.


Outside of everything I shared above, we have also continued homeschooling and we are excited to announce that we have applied for the DTS (Discipleship Training School) that starts on Feb 11.


Prayer points:


For wisdom as I continue to lead my children in the mission field and that they see the mission field the way God wants them to see it.


For our hearts to be teachable and moldable to everything God wants to teach us and that our ears will be attentive to HIS voice.


For us to gracefully step into a more stringent routine.


For financial support for us to do the DTS school.


Thanks, everyone!!!

Next Mission Trip

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;We will be going and serving a few organizations that are already established to help them be stronger in reaching the community. This type of mission work is important and encouraging to those that are on grounds zero all of the time.

Desiree's Bio Missionary to Australia

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Desiree is a stay-at-home, homeschool mom, married to Tim Maciejewski, who is an active-duty Marine. Tim and Desiree's children are Kelcie, Chaley, and David. David is a hard-working 9-year old, who is like his father. You will find him tinkering, making up silly songs or hanging in a tree! Chaley is their 11-year old and she has a beautiful voice and lives to sing her heart out for Jesus! She also loves to capture God's creation, by using paper and markers. Kelcie, age 12, is smart, and she loves righteousness and people. At the age of 10, she expressed her desire to become a missionary. God opened the door for the Maciejewski family to be able to go on a mission trip in October 2017, when Kelcie turned 11. God gave our family a huge heart for missions, YWAM, and Australia. Presently, Desiree and her 3 children are in Canberra, Australia, serving as Mission Builders at the YWAM Base. Mission Builders are volunteers that serve in many ways, such as kitchen prep or clean-up, and doing various projects around the base. They are also getting their feet wet o n the mission field, without a team around. They love pressing into the many cultures they encounter daily. They have a burning passion to serve God obediently on the mission field and spread the Love of Jesus by using the gifts God has given them, to bless those that Jesus died for. Please send all donations to: Don and Beverly Dennison 25 Oriole Lane Oceanside, CA 92057, and Don and Beverly will turn it into CCO. Please make checks out to CCO. Thank you.

We moved to our new tiny home

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We have moved from the main guest corridor to a little demountable behind the YWAM base. It has three rooms, 1 bath, a kitchenette, and a living room. I have spent the last week changing out furniture with other furniture around the base to make it fit our needs as a family. I really want to spruce it up for the next family that will be coming in here after I leave just like the sweet family before me did. So I am praying about and need permission for possibly painting the walls, permission to put up some curtains to help keep it cool or warm depending on the season, and pay $100 to have new carpet put in. I also would like to purchase a vacuum to keep in the little home, we share 4 vacuums with the whole base and they are kept in the main building. Another little thing to help this little home we are staying in is to get some small little puck lights for above the kitchen sink so you can see if your dishes are clean or not. You can join me in prayer for these things too, please. If it is His will, He will need to provide it. ��


Apart from the things I would like to do for the family that will live in this place after me, I do have needs for us to be able to live in it and some of those have been provided already (PTL). The kitchen is not a full working kitchen, it only has a sink and refrigerator, so Things are needed for us to be able to cook in it. I purchased a convection oven from the previous family and was also given one so that helps with being able to cook more food because they are on the smaller side and you can only cook one personal pizza at a time. I have purchased a Hotplate aka electric counter top stove. I have gone through 2 of them due to them having an electrical issue and they started smoking and had the pre-smell to an electrical fire. So I borrowed money from a YWAMer to spend some more money and got a better burner BUT I need to purchase new cookware for it because it is an induction hotplate. So I am praying for new cookware for the new burner, a trashcan (Currently using a bucket), other kitchen dishes like mixing bowls and a salad spinner, cleaning materials, and organizing baskets. Anyhow to wrap this post up, can you join me in praising God for the convection ovens, the hotplate, a juicer, a blender, and the crockpot that have been given to us? Don’t forget to praise Him for this tiny home overall and this base and All that God is using it for!

Settling in to the base after the team has left

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19 days ago the October team left while the kids and I stayed here at YWAM Canberra. We have been adjusting to our new way of life and still getting the hang of things around the base. Communal living is adventurous and a learning curve. We share our kitchen with everyone on the base and 2 of my children are not allowed in it because of their age. Working around that has been a challenge at times but doable and really not a big deal. We also share bathrooms with the rest of the base too.

The YWAMers all have responsibilities to help keep the base running smoothly and it creates a team atmosphere. This team effort has been a great example to my children because as mission builders we too have to help with the daily responsibilities. The base consists of YWAMers, mission builders, and borders. Some of the borders like to help with the base too.

The kids and I have been staying in 3 separate rooms downstairs in the main corridor. We will be moving into a new home this week and will be able to have our own kitchen and bathroom. We have also been given permission to use the preschool for us to homeschool in. All of this has been way more than we anticipated and we feel so spoiled and thankful.

Prayer request:

*Pray for my children, for when they miss their daddy who is serving in California on Camp Pendleton as a U.S. Marine.

*Pray for us to be able to get a bus pass and that I have more confidence in driving.

*Pray for funds to come in for us to continue to live here and buy food for my family.

*Pray for our hearts to have good soil so we can learn everything that God wants to teach us.

*Pray for us to have wisdom and clear direction from God on what he wants us to do.




Uncle Chris

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Let me talk to you about Uncle Christmas, I mean Uncle Chris. Don’t mind his new nickname, our youngest missionary would call him Uncle Christmas and It has just stuck. Chris bravery to trust God and join our team and take part in leading (assistant to Tim and Desiree) and training our little missionaries is inspiring. He really embraced the title of Uncle and Assistant leader. It was great to see God grow him in his leadership skills and other areas of his life. He gained much wisdom this trip for future adventures with our Lord and we couldn't & # 8217;t be more thrilled for him. He really grabbed hold of the fact that our CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!!! His hard work painting the hallway has a long-lasting effect on this base. Please pray that the seeds and lessons planted in Uncle Chris & # 8217; heart by God will last a lifetime and will produce more fruit for the kingdom.

The painting

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The biggest task we had was to paint one of the corridors in the YWAM base. The corridor chosen was the one with the dining hall, the kitchen, and the lecture room. When the painting was finally done we covered about 700 feet of wall space. The guys put themselves in awkward positions to get this job done which left them sore. they had some help from some of the children and Desiree when she had energy. Toma also helped for several hours. He works like a machine and we were thankful for his help. There was a purple paint above the brick. The hallway was dark and closed in and so we painted it white. Now it is more welcoming with the lighter color and brightens up the hallways and our moods.

Training little missionaries

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All 13 of us woke up with work on our mind Monday morning. There was painting and gardening on the horizon and we spent time training the younger Missionaries. There were several trails that came and went that gave us five adults the privilege to lead these young ones down the path of righteousness. The verses from Deuteronomy 6:5-9 comes to mind. God tells us here to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your Strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.” I have always found this to guide us daily but it comes to life differently when you are on the mission field. Especially when you have several children that want to be missionaries and are little evangelists. Seeing that we have children that want to be missionaries on our team, it was important to us leaders and parents to train them in the way they should go to be missionaries so when they are older they will not depart from it.

These kids are truly so hungry to do something BIG and MIGHTY for the Lord. We don’t want people to despise them because they are young either. This trip was eye-opening for the children because they saw what real spiritual warfare is and how the enemy will divide God’s flock quickly. They learned to have grace and to forgive quickly. They also gained an understanding of how to love those that are not so loveable. NOW I must say, they are not perfected in these areas but to learn these truths at such a young age is great. May our prayers be set before God like incense for these little children. God has begun a good work in these children and He will continue until He returns.


These little missionaries worked really hard on the yard, helping with some painting and other small projects, scrubbing tables and the deck to prepare for a barbeque. In this, they were stretched in character traits of being a good teammate, good work ethic, and starting strong and finishing well. They also spent lots of time building relationships which we know from the account of Martha and Marry in the Bible, relationships are the VERY MOST IMPORTANT THING! I also heard the children getting a compliment for being peacemakers and seeking to make things right quickly and how adults don’t even do that. What an example they have been to us adults. It made my heart bubble over with Joy.


We as leaders and parents thought that we wouldn’t be able to be missionaries until the kids are grown and out of the house. We live life with our children! They are a blessing and they don't stop our lives, we can take our kids with us on this great adventure in life serving God.


Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.

The Divine appointment in Gundaroo

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All of us know that fellowship is a very important thing in Christianity. Sometimes you have to find it, we had a wonderful time in and old courthouse, that is now a church. Uncle Chris gave a wonderful sermon at the church about forgiveness or 70x7. Afterwards we went to a house of which belonged to Mr. Dave a good friend. I enjoyed singing, dancing, eating and playing outside with the other Aussie children. I love a good party but better yet ones with God and new people. I made lots of new friends and had lots of fun.

-Little Missionary Kelcie (age 12) This little village of Gundaroo was delightful and I wish all of you reading it could have seen it. As you read above, the church we had service in was an old court house. Right next to it was an old police station. It was so cute and I am sure all of us history nerds on the team would have enjoyed a lesson on historical events of this town. We were told the congregation of this church was about 6 people but every pew was packed, half was with children and not all of them were our little missionaries. After service we went to Elder Dave’s (from O’Connor Uniting Church) house and enjoyed good ol’ Australian hospitality. There was quite the smorgasbord of dishes to eat and try. Apart from the food these were amazing children of God. We had such a blast signing songs and engaging in conversations. It was one of those nights you just didn’t want to end. We left with the Joy of the Lord bubbling from our hearts and the perfect ending to our first weekend in Australia.

Traveling with little missionaries

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From the moment we left Calvary Chapel Oceanside till we arrived at YWAM Canberra it was about 24 hours of Travel. It is God’s Grace that it went so well. I think about how long it took for us to buy the tickets and how all the other tickets we tried to buy didn’t work out but these tickets for this flight were the ones that worked for us. In the past we had to take two planes to get to Sydney but this time we only took one. Our team on this one-way flight was all together instead in the past we were all apart. It was really fun to be next to each other. The team seemed to sleep well on the flight apart from one of our little missionaries getting sick from motion sickness. When we went through customs the workers gave us special treatment and opened a line up just for the Pryor family so we can stay together as a team. We had to claim seeds that were given to us for a sister at the base so the Maciejewski team was sent to the front of the line to get the team back together as soon as possible. I think God used our red team shirts in a loud way and the airport staff really worked diligently to keep us together as much as possible and treated us with great care and respect. It was refreshing and a wonderful welcome into Australia. As a leader it is our joy to meet the needs of our team so when we travel by van and car from the Sydney airport to the YWAM base we had a pitstop at Maccas (Mc Donald’s) for a potty break and to grab some lunch. We also let the younger missionaries play on the playground to get out some wiggles. They appreciated that and so did the rest of the team.When we arrived at the base we were greeted with big hugs and shown to our rooms. The base requested that we just rest for the rest of the day because traveling with little missionaries is different specially since us big missionaries are out numbered by them. I must take a moment and stress that these little servants were fantastic, there was not one melt down or complaint made to us from other passengers on the plane. We got complements about how well behaved they were on such a long flight (14.5 hours). It was an answer to so many prayers.

It's almost time!

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I love watching God work and leave HIS fingerprints on all HIS amazing events through history and present day. Bringing this current team together has been fascinating to say the least. I feel like a child about to open the biggest gift ever as I look at this team with 5 adults and 8 children. What does God have up HIS sleeve? I am patiently waiting on the edge of my seat....


The count down begins... 24 more days till we go on one of the greatest adventures with 2 families and our adopted uncle Chris. Keep us all in prayer!

When Children inspire us

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God gave this little lady a burden for those that do not know the Lord, a burden to lay down her comforts so she can be a missionary. She has a holy confidence as she speaks to people about the love of Jesus. Compassion for the unsaved pours from her. Even after 30+ hours of travel, canceled flights, and other traveling issues, she still went to the fellow Aussies and talked to them about Jesus.


This little lady has inspired not only me but our whole Australia team that went in October 2017.


But I'm going to be raw with you, as much as her mama's heart was filled with joy at this moment, it was also filled with fear. Why? Because if her mother needed to clarify something she was fearful she would mess up the message of good news. It's funny how parents are to teach their children but let me tell you, kids teach their parents TOO.  God uses children to stretch, to grow parents in character, to pray more, to challenge themselfs, to not be selfish and I know the list can go on.  However the isperation of children dose not stop at thier parents, we know God uses them and their child like faith to teach and grow others outside the home. We can't wait to see what God is going to do with these children in a few weeks.  God is going to do something BIG!!! 



YWAM's Example

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There is a special emotion that comes over you when you serve the Lord on a short-term mission trip. It is however difficult to capture and articulate. God is stretching, teaching, and moving in the hearts of every member of our team and shaking us to the core and using this to mold our hearts to be more like HIM.

I have found it fascinating to see scripture come alive before my eyes in a whole new way. It is comical how often God does this to me, and why I am surprised. I know that scripture is living and powerful, sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrew 4:12). Let’s not forget “scripture is God breathed.” Over the last few days God has been teaching me MORE about the body of Christ and unity… This is something I have already comprehended as a child of God and a ministry leader and I understood it being across the world, but not like I am seeing it unfold in front of me. We are all given gifts and talents by God for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, until we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God (Ephesians 4:12-13a). Though God uses this to edify the body we know that the love we show each other, is a LOUD testimony that we are disciples of Jesus, and God will use that for HIS GREAT NAME.

YWAM is a great example of the body of Christ and the history of the movement is rich in cultivating unity and breaking down walls that divide. Loren Cunningham is the founder of YWAM, and God gave him a vision of waves of young people crashing in every nation (picture a wave crashing on the shore). He shared this vision that God gave him with his denomination and they were super accepting of it but God had made it very clear to Cunningham that this was not to be under any denomination. Though, this was difficult to see what God was doing when Cunningham started on this journey of obedience, he trusted and saw it through.Today we have a thriving ministry where all denominations are able to lay down non-salvation issues of faith and work together in unity to make God known. What I mean by non-salvation issues is there are non-negotiables to Christianity, we believe in the Trinity, the full deity and full humanity of Jesus, justification through faith and the authority of scripture. Denominations may have differences with non salvation issues without accusing one another of heresy.

I think the best way to explain this unity of the body of Christ on a much larger scale is to look at a map on the wall of the world. You see different countries all over the planet. Then, you focus in on the United States and you see how this country has been divided into 50 different states and yet is still one country. This is how unity in the body of Christ works in the YWAM community. We are united by the same core values causing us to be a country but the non salvation issues draw the state lines that separate us. When a denomination does not share the same core beliefs, they are then a different country. It is clear God wanted Cunningham to steer clear of sectarianism. Just like Jesus told his Disciples in Luke 9:49-50. Thus creating unity and growth to reach different cultures with the Gospel. YWAM encourages denominations to lay aside their differences to serve God as the body of Christ and to obey the great commission and spread the good news into all the world.

What is fascinating about our team this year is God pulled 2 different denominations together to serve HIM here in Canberra. Four team members came from ST. Nicholas Episcopal Church,Paradise,Ca. and 7 came from Calvary Chapel Oceanside. The fervent prayers from both supporters and the congregations are the fuel for this mission . We know the prayers of the saints are like incense to our God. Each member of the congregation and here on the short term mission trip are being used to bring glory to the kingdom of God. Everyone is being obedient and sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading. God has pulled several out of their comfort zone, stirred a few to step out in faith to try something new for the first time, and used others that have gifts they mastered. Like Tim is not a pastor but did preach on Colossians 2 on legalism. Reverend Ann taught us on the sovereignty of God. Andrew, Pam and Linn lead us all in worship. Victor(16 years) and Cora (11years) are embracing several areas of serving and finding out at a young age what it is like to be a missionary. Valerie is serving God EVERYWHERE!!!! Beverly is holding down the kitchen with her notable assistant Pam. Don is zealous about missions and is training up new leaders. Desiree did a director roll for leading the team in a short skit. We are all learning that Jesus will take us as far as we are willing to go and it’s alluring to see how our team is walking in Unity even though both denominations have different views. It is a God thing for sure.

I believe each one of us will walk away understanding the unity of the body of Christ is much bigger than our little church, but the body of Christ stretches out across the whole world and we all can walk in unity together like YWAM inspires us to do, regardless of non salvation issues. It is my prayer that our denominations will learn the value of unity on a bigger scale from YWAM’s example. That they will be willing to join together over the non-negotiable but remain in close fellowship even when we have contrasting views on topics that separate us. This way we can be more effective for God’s kingdom. I remember listening to K-wave before Pastor Chuck Smith passed away. He spoke on the topic of different denominations and how we should all remember that we are here serving the same God and we can serve God in unity along side each other instead of squabbleing over little things. I can only imagine if we all did this how much more God will be revealed to the lost. With that said, let us all just marinate over these verses.” So we being many are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. Having gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them (Romans 12:5-6a NKJ).From HIM the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. (Ephesians 4:16 NIV).


Work Day 1 (April 2018)

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Our first work day started on Monday the 29th of April. The team was edger to get started. Tim Maciejewski and Miss Valerie started work at 7 am in the morning. Andrew Pryor jumped in a short time later to help. These were some go getters for our team because we were not expected to start working until after morning worship and tea time which starts at 9:00 am. Except for our cooks, they spend all day in the kitchen preparing nourishing food for us to stay strong and have endurance.

The main goal for this trip is to take down a wall in the foyer to expose the windows and make the area more welcoming and bright. This is a big job and involves us pulling up the floor so we can get support beams to hold up the second floor. The support beams need to be on the actual ground and not on the timber (flooring). While pulling up the floor we wanted to save each plank because the wood used when the monestary was build is Australian silky oak, and it’s 90 years old and can no longer be found. Miss Sue would like to keep the integrity and history of this building as much as possible. We also had other challenges that we needed to be creative with like working around plumbing, gas and electricity. God however has pulled together a team that has great attitudes and are skilled in several areas so God used these talents to conquer these snares.

Once the floor had been pulled up Miss Sue (project manager at the YWAM base) and Miss Valerie went to get the support beams. Mrs. Sue was quoted $1300 Aussie dollars ($1000 in American) before pick up. They went to the head office to talk with the boss about what we are doing here at the YWAM base and the boss cut the cost down too $755 Aussie dollars ($580 in American). The price cut was more than generous and was shocking to the other workers there. Miss Sue had a bit of a cry because of God doing what He does best. While she was blubbering and conversing with Miss. Valerie they were giving God glory for His favor over this purchase and giving a blessing and thanks to the manager for his benevolence. The workers were forever touched and seeds were planted. This was a special moment not just for us believers but also for those workers. Those workers learned through the praise of Sue and Valerie that God used them and that many will be blessed. We are praying that they will never forget that day and how they were witnessed to and the goodness of God was proclaimed through them. We truly hope one day their hearts will be to serve God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.

After the emotional encounter with God of how he continues to bless, supply and goes above and beyond for His children at this base we all had a time of rejoicing together when Sue and Valerie returned. Then went back to work till about 4:30. 3 support beams were set to hold up the building for demolition day. However, we can not finish our work in this room until the engineer comes and approves and tells us where to place the last 3 support beams. So our day tomorrow will be full of other work to help improve the base.

Apart from all the labor of love being done, there is an attitude that our team is carrying that you know can only come from God. His character is written all over it. Our team is yearning to do nothing but God’s will, they are full of joy and willing to be stretched. They are all teachable, supportive of each other and the base, and wiling to do dirty work (even the ladies) without any complaining. The teams hearts are filled with compassion, kindness, gentleness, encouragement and are really good at seeking to understand in any situation they are in. It is obvious this team was put together by God.

I had the opportunity to speak with a few members about their first day of work. Miss Pam in the kitchen shared with me how God is showing her how the body of Christ works together with each others needs, and how blessed she is to be apart of that. Mr. Linn shared with me how touched he was when people told him about how responsible his son Victor (16 years old) is. While he was sharing this with me I was able to chime in and tell Linn about a conversation I had with Victor. Victor may be 16 but he had some really wise words to say and I truly believe if we can just stop for a moment and ponder what God showed him we will all be touched and walk away changed. He shared with me his most impactful moments of his day which were “ending the day with his mother.” Then I asked him about the work that he did that day and he blew me away with this answer. He said he enjoyed serving others instead of himself like working with the men, cleaning up after them, cutting wood with his father and helping in the kitchen to cut bread to make croutons. This young man felt a sense of purpose but also experienced the best medicine which is serving God. As he was speaking to me 1 Tim 4:12 went through my mind. Though this is speaking of youth may this truth be found of all of us believers. “Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith and purity.