Australia October, 2017, April and October,  2018

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The Beginning of our Adventure. (April 2018)

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As always God is moving through His faithful children to bless each other and those that have not yet joined the royal family. We are going to focus on how God has pulled 2 different churches together to serve Him in Canberra, Australia over next week and a half. God has big plans for the Canberra community through the YWAM base but He has found it necessary to improve some things around the base to be able to be accommodating to those that God will bring to this base. Calvary Chapel Oceanside and the church from Paradise California are so thankful that God is using them to accomplish His will..

The April team is following a team that came out to Canberra in October 2017. It is beautiful to see how God has created a lasting friendship even when God brings a whole new team. After 21 to 25 hours of travel that included a few vans, an Uber driver for 4 members, 3 planes for 5 members and 2 planes for the others, leaving on a Wednesday and arriving in Austrailia on a Friday, the team was finally united with YWAM and greeted with so much LOVE and hospitality. Our rooms are quaint and cozy and the food was warm and filling. We stayed busy on Friday afternoon and evening with meals, a welcome dance from the young YWAMers, orientation and a tour of the building. There was a special tour of the kitchen for the team members that will be cooking for the team and the members of the base.

Our team leader, Don, found it best to keep the team busy to help us get through jet lag. Our Aussie friends do not work on the weekends so instead of being busy with work projects our Saturday was busy with fellowship, sightseeing, and learning the Australian culture. Some of us went on a walk to see mobs of Kangaroos, the different birds, the massive ant hills and the landscape of Canberra. The whole team went to the local farmers market for the morning. Because of our American accent the whole team had the privilege to speak to the Aussies about Jesus, the YWAM base, and the local 1 way FM radio station that we might be guests on this week. Andrew Pryor used his gift of evangelism and spoke to one of the vendors about Jesus. Ann Sullivan used her gift of intercessory prayer and prayed for a young pregnant woman. Both of the Aussies were touched by Jesus that day and we continue to pray for them and the seeds that were planted along with the others that the team spoke with.

Mr Don took us to the Australian National Museum which was free, and it was HUGE!!! Mrs. Ann told me she walked for 2 hours and didn’t even see the whole thing. After our trip to the museum we went to Woollies (Woolworth) which is a local grocery store. We found it interesting that they are just like California with bags(except theirs are 15 cents a piece!) and for those of you that don’t know, California no longer gives bags when you check out. You have to purchase (10 cents) or bring reusable ones with you when you go shopping. We ended our day with dinner at Mackers (Mc Donald’s). The Mackers experience in Australia is different than what you would get in the states. The container the food is served in is actually a better quality and more hospitable and they also have a coffee bar with yummy treats and special coffees. Some of us thought their food tasted better, worse or the same, it really all depended on what they bought and who you were. It was a fun experience for sure.

On Sunday God really had a surprise up his sleeve for us and O’Connor Uniting Church, a church that God has us fellowshipping with. You will hear our Leader Don say often “Blessed are the flexible so they don’t break” and that is exactly what we needed to be, flexible. We went to the church with the expectation of us blessing the congregation and leading the service. That is far from what happened. We were handed a sheet of paper with a full schedule and outline of our morning, completely different than when we came out in October and served this congregation. The funny thing though is that the morning they had planned out went longer than they had anticipated 5 ½ hours!. We all know that our time is on God’s time anyway. Our morning went from what we thought of us blessing them to them blessing us, then us blessing them. Service ended with a BBQ and more time to just spend creating lasting friendships with each other. The day was just a day of Giving and receiving from the saints and it was clearly orchestrated by our Jehova- Sabaoth (Lord of Hosts). The work week has not even started and I am already seeing our team verse come alive for us. “For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister.” Hebrews 6:10


Post Australia Update

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We are sorry we couldn't keep this blog updated when we were in Australia in October of 2017. There were problems with the website. Here is a video of our time from leaving Calvary Chapel Oceanside (CCO) to Canberra, Australia and then back to (CCO). The website is: