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Work Day 1 (April 2018)

Posted by modayjo on May 1, 2018 at 8:10 AM

Our first work day started on Monday the 29th of April. The team was edger to get started. Tim Maciejewski and Miss Valerie started work at 7 am in the morning. Andrew Pryor jumped in a short time later to help. These were some go getters for our team because we were not expected to start working until after morning worship and tea time which starts at 9:00 am. Except for our cooks, they spend all day in the kitchen preparing nourishing food for us to stay strong and have endurance.

The main goal for this trip is to take down a wall in the foyer to expose the windows and make the area more welcoming and bright. This is a big job and involves us pulling up the floor so we can get support beams to hold up the second floor. The support beams need to be on the actual ground and not on the timber (flooring). While pulling up the floor we wanted to save each plank because the wood used when the monestary was build is Australian silky oak, and it’s 90 years old and can no longer be found. Miss Sue would like to keep the integrity and history of this building as much as possible. We also had other challenges that we needed to be creative with like working around plumbing, gas and electricity. God however has pulled together a team that has great attitudes and are skilled in several areas so God used these talents to conquer these snares.

Once the floor had been pulled up Miss Sue (project manager at the YWAM base) and Miss Valerie went to get the support beams. Mrs. Sue was quoted $1300 Aussie dollars ($1000 in American) before pick up. They went to the head office to talk with the boss about what we are doing here at the YWAM base and the boss cut the cost down too $755 Aussie dollars ($580 in American). The price cut was more than generous and was shocking to the other workers there. Miss Sue had a bit of a cry because of God doing what He does best. While she was blubbering and conversing with Miss. Valerie they were giving God glory for His favor over this purchase and giving a blessing and thanks to the manager for his benevolence. The workers were forever touched and seeds were planted. This was a special moment not just for us believers but also for those workers. Those workers learned through the praise of Sue and Valerie that God used them and that many will be blessed. We are praying that they will never forget that day and how they were witnessed to and the goodness of God was proclaimed through them. We truly hope one day their hearts will be to serve God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.

After the emotional encounter with God of how he continues to bless, supply and goes above and beyond for His children at this base we all had a time of rejoicing together when Sue and Valerie returned. Then went back to work till about 4:30. 3 support beams were set to hold up the building for demolition day. However, we can not finish our work in this room until the engineer comes and approves and tells us where to place the last 3 support beams. So our day tomorrow will be full of other work to help improve the base.

Apart from all the labor of love being done, there is an attitude that our team is carrying that you know can only come from God. His character is written all over it. Our team is yearning to do nothing but God’s will, they are full of joy and willing to be stretched. They are all teachable, supportive of each other and the base, and wiling to do dirty work (even the ladies) without any complaining. The teams hearts are filled with compassion, kindness, gentleness, encouragement and are really good at seeking to understand in any situation they are in. It is obvious this team was put together by God.

I had the opportunity to speak with a few members about their first day of work. Miss Pam in the kitchen shared with me how God is showing her how the body of Christ works together with each others needs, and how blessed she is to be apart of that. Mr. Linn shared with me how touched he was when people told him about how responsible his son Victor (16 years old) is. While he was sharing this with me I was able to chime in and tell Linn about a conversation I had with Victor. Victor may be 16 but he had some really wise words to say and I truly believe if we can just stop for a moment and ponder what God showed him we will all be touched and walk away changed. He shared with me his most impactful moments of his day which were “ending the day with his mother.” Then I asked him about the work that he did that day and he blew me away with this answer. He said he enjoyed serving others instead of himself like working with the men, cleaning up after them, cutting wood with his father and helping in the kitchen to cut bread to make croutons. This young man felt a sense of purpose but also experienced the best medicine which is serving God. As he was speaking to me 1 Tim 4:12 went through my mind. Though this is speaking of youth may this truth be found of all of us believers. “Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith and purity.


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