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We moved to our new tiny home

Posted by modayjo on November 28, 2018 at 5:00 AM

We have moved from the main guest corridor to a little demountable behind the YWAM base. It has three rooms, 1 bath, a kitchenette, and a living room. I have spent the last week changing out furniture with other furniture around the base to make it fit our needs as a family. I really want to spruce it up for the next family that will be coming in here after I leave just like the sweet family before me did. So I am praying about and need permission for possibly painting the walls, permission to put up some curtains to help keep it cool or warm depending on the season, and pay $100 to have new carpet put in. I also would like to purchase a vacuum to keep in the little home, we share 4 vacuums with the whole base and they are kept in the main building. Another little thing to help this little home we are staying in is to get some small little puck lights for above the kitchen sink so you can see if your dishes are clean or not. You can join me in prayer for these things too, please. If it is His will, He will need to provide it. ��


Apart from the things I would like to do for the family that will live in this place after me, I do have needs for us to be able to live in it and some of those have been provided already (PTL). The kitchen is not a full working kitchen, it only has a sink and refrigerator, so Things are needed for us to be able to cook in it. I purchased a convection oven from the previous family and was also given one so that helps with being able to cook more food because they are on the smaller side and you can only cook one personal pizza at a time. I have purchased a Hotplate aka electric counter top stove. I have gone through 2 of them due to them having an electrical issue and they started smoking and had the pre-smell to an electrical fire. So I borrowed money from a YWAMer to spend some more money and got a better burner BUT I need to purchase new cookware for it because it is an induction hotplate. So I am praying for new cookware for the new burner, a trashcan (Currently using a bucket), other kitchen dishes like mixing bowls and a salad spinner, cleaning materials, and organizing baskets. Anyhow to wrap this post up, can you join me in praising God for the convection ovens, the hotplate, a juicer, a blender, and the crockpot that have been given to us? Don’t forget to praise Him for this tiny home overall and this base and All that God is using it for!

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